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Satan’s got a hold of me. He’s got a hold of me.
He’s got me in his grasp
He’s sitting back in laughs. Then I begin to pray.
And Satan’s rotten hold of me,
His rotten hold of me
weakens then relents.
Because he knows
in the face of his rival there’s no survival. He doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s a daily fight between wrong and right.
Whenever I choose
I always seem to lose.
I think I’m pretty tough
But I’m just not strong enough.
So whenever I see that...
It seems each time I pray
that devil starts to shake.
And when on God I call I tear down Satan’s walls.
I think he’s pretty scared
With Jesus standing there.
So whenever I see that...
We can build a wall of faith,
And we’ll watch him fall to death.
So put your hands together.
Come on now, everybody pray,
the next time...