Musical Theater Camp/After School Club 

This intergenerational program began in 2019, and continues changing as I go forward.  It's an affordable small group experience that gives each child a role with spoken lines to improve confidence and stage presence.  

My ‘team’ is comprised of 15-20 year olds with fresh ideas, talent, and a desire to learn and mentor.  We get the kids on a stage (or backyard patio like 2020), explore acting, singing, dancing, props/staging, auditions, rehearsal tips, and perform the show on the last day of class for a private parent audience.  

I find, adapt and write the scripts from movies, life, and the Bible.  *Reading is helpful to attendees, but not required.     

2023 expanded me with an after school spring camp at Friess Lake Elementary.  2024 was an after school drama club adventure over a full semester to present my original ‘Danie!’ musical.     

Me and my team are grateful for every adventure of the past and look forward to working with your amazing actors in the future!