1. Weary

From the recording Everyday Christian

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Here I am again broken into
a million pieces
Trying to make myself all whole
in all the wrong places
Please take away my apathy take away me fill me up with All you are
replace my broken heart because

~~ I’m weary I’m dying in this desert searching for peace
I’m weary I’m here on my knees
humbled at your feet
I’m longing and thirsting for you
to be my refuge because I’m weary

Why do I fall away and try to take
the glory from you but
Praise you for this trial that is
drawing me closer to you
‘Cause through the thunder and the rain you’re with me All the way
and in the midst of all this strife
I’ll praise the Lord on high still...
In my weakness you are stronger
In my darkness you are light
In my fears you’re always faithful
Bringing me close to your side
I’m your child you’re my Abba
You’re the king almighty God
I’m the prodigal you’re my rescue
Take me back unto your love
I’m the sinner you’re my Savior
Taking my place on the cross
You’re my hero burden bearer
You are Christ the risen one
~~ But you are strong