1. Let Go

From the recording Everyday Christian

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Lately I have been angry
then I’m utterly sad
Constantly swallowed by
these feeling of bad
I say I have Jesus I believe he can heal
Yet still I continue to feel how I feel
Like I’m going out of my mind
I want to leave it behind

~~ I’ve got to let go I’ve got to accept
Deep down I know it would be best
I’ve got to move on I want to be glad
I want to revel in the blessings that I have
Don’t want to hold on
I want to give it to God

The darkness can wrap me
in a blanket of grief
I know only Jesus can give me relief
I keep giving it over come to find
I’m still bound
I need to control so I carry
my burdens around
And I struggle to break myself free
I want to lean on God’s peace
My best intentions need his intervention his plans for me are higher
Oh it is my desire to let go

I know of a woman life has been
pretty hard She hasn’t forgiven this world for its bruises and scars
Friends who betrayed her
dreams that have died
Anger that threatens to push out
the joy that’s inside
I hope one day she’ll be free just like me
We’ve got to lean on God’s peace