From the recording Everyday Christian

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I came here today with the gifts
that God gave
And a heart that desires to bring
Honor and praise to the Ancient of Days
As I lift my voice and I sing
Lord take by doubt
my whole being cries out
I want to show the world what you’re about

I’m just the singer the Lord fills the heart
As he speaks a message through me
I make mistakes but I know
you will take away
Just what he wants you to see
I always pray I don’t get in the way
Of all that the Spirit could teach us today La La La...

Oh what an honor that he’s let me be
A special messenger of melody
How beautiful is the voice that will bring
Others the good news of Jesus the king

I hope you will see that it’s not about me
I am nothing apart from his touch
And if you applaud all the glory to God
We can’t ever give him too much
Together we worship him lift up our song
Enjoy the moments until we move on
May the message of grace
live and grow in this place
And I’ll see you again
when we finish the race
La La La..