1. Celebration

From the recording Everyday Christian

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This song off "Everyday Christian" album.


~~ I wait with anticipation
I want to see my salvation
Gonna live in his heavenly nation
Oh it’s gonna be a celebration

He hung there in pain his life slipped away
Their sorrow was heavy
as they watched him die
But he sent grief away
on that first Easter day
Death could not hold him he rose up alive
And they saw his glory
what joy there must have been
They ran to tell the story
of life that never ends

On a Monday in June she was gone
all too soon
Panic and loneliness trampled him down
Lost in the haze of all the
well meant cliches
Truth is only Jesus can turn it around
He’s got a land of glory
beyond this place of tears
There we’ll live more fully
than we ever did here
When I say goodbye my spirit will fly
I’ll be truly alive
Walking hand in hand
in God’s glorious land

I wait with anticipation (I’m waiting)
Your daughters and your sons say
come Lord Jesus come
I want to see my salvation (I’ll see him)
Open up the skies as we lift up our eyes
Gonna live in his heavenly nation
With joy beyond compare
Lord Jesus take us there