From the recording Everyday Christian

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Silver studs in your nose
where’s the rest of your clothes
Saggy pants are the fashion
not my style I suppose
But it’s so easy to judge what I see
Without thinking about who’s underneath

The painted smile that you wear
One continuous good hair day
Your size four makes me crazy
sometimes life seems unfair
It’s not easy to look past the skin
I need to see what’s within

~~ I want to look past the outside searching out the core
See each person as that someone
that he gave his life for
Past the outside focus on the heart
Because that’s the place
where we need to start

She spends her days with her books
A plain Jane with brainy looks
Behind her groovy glasses
she’s ridiculed and mistook
It’s so easy to just shut her out
Instead of learning what she’s all about
We are spoon fed the lie
in this visual society
That fame and beauty are essentials
That we should work to acquire

So we diet like models buy magic in bottles
Reductions and lipos full lips a new nose
Romanced by the health clubs
enhanced by the make up
We airbrush the fake up
when will we wake up
See the inside past the outside
the Lord looks at the heart
He sees the inside he’ll be our guide
to make a brand new start