1. Influential

From the recording Everyday Christian


Lord I’m blessed to be a mother and I’m glad we’ve got each other
my girl my boy and I
Most days wake up to my praying
and often hear me saying
just help us to survive
Failure and frustration strike me
some days I don’t even like me
still they’re just two steps behind

Ooh will you guide all I say and do

Lord every day’s a struggle to climb up from the rubble called responsibility
And I admit I’ve got problems knowing
just where each day’s going
as my children follow me
Hold my hand while theirs I’m grasping
be my wisdom when they’re asking
Let them feel your touch through me

Ooh will you guide all I say and do

Lord this world’s so influential and life’s so
Consequential help me teach them right
The example they’re seeing
will shape their very being
And guide them through their lives
Jesus pour your spirit on me
so they see you through their Mommy
make them each a child of Christ

Ooh will you guide all I say and do
Oh day and night
Hold their lives mold their lives
Oh Lord
*Jesus loves me this I know
for the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
they are weak but he is strong
Yes Jesus loves me
the Bible tells me so.