1. I Believe

From the recording Everyday Christian

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Words and music by Wendysue Fluegge
"Everyday Christian" album
copyright 2006


Her life was full of Christians in a
loving cozy home
And as She grew she always knew
She was saved by Christ alone
Church on Sunday morning
nightly bedtime prayers
Her Mom and Dad were good at that
Teaching her how Jesus cares
And through the years she’d read
And through the years she’d pray
And now she goes through life she says

CHORUS- I believe in Jesus he’s the truth the life the way
I believe he saved me and that
He’s with me every day
And it’s only by His grace I testify
And I’m going home to heaven when I die

His home was always broken his mind
was filled with doubt
not a friend on earth and no self worth
His heart was crying out
Then one day a neighbor stopped
to shake his hand
And tell him of the God of love
That could make him a new man
Right then and there they read
right then and there they prayed
and from a heart now changed he said

Everybody has a story a different
where or when or how
What really matters is that He saved them
And they know him now
and through the years they grow
Empowered to profess
with all God’s family confess

and I don’t deserve his mercy
what a sinner I have been
But I’m so thankful that He forgave me
my Jesus saved me
and I live to praise Him - Amen!