1. Father

From the recording Everyday Christian

Words and music by Wendysue Fluegge
"Everyday Christian" album
copyright 2006
**In honor of my father-in-law who is a great example of my heavenly Father.


You’ve never been much for emotional stuff as long as I’ve known you
A wise man of faith stepping up to the Plate guiding your team through
Strong character integrity you've passed down to the sons that you had who are now husbands and dads
so proud to have you around
~~ Thank you for loving them father
Thank you for your faithfulness
through the years
Thank you for leading them father
Teaching them strength through
the laughter and tears
Though I was never a child on your knee
You’ve always been
that kind of father to me

You learned all you knew
from one wiser than you
God the Almighty
He speaks through His word
And I’m daily assured that
He walks beside me
Each one of us He created
He’d do anything for
Bless protect sacrifice
saved us by his son’s life
Waits for us at heaven’s door

I’m never more than a child on your knee
You’ll always be the best
kind of father to me

For every man with a child on his knee
Show Him, Oh Lord,
just what kind of father to be