Baby girl you have the sweetest smile
rest in my arms a while - right here
Baby girl you don't know
how I've prayed
that we would see this day - my dear
As you drift off into things
that dreams are made of,
I will try to tell you just how much
you're loved

You have a mother
with soft hands and safe arms
You have a family
with big hearts and strong bonds
and we have a Maker that treasures us
more than we know
who's holding us all as we grow

Baby girl too much for me to say
all that I wish for you - someday
This big world full of joys and fear
is blessed because you're here -
in many ways
As you rest under
the peaceful sky above you
I will gently whisper of
the ones who love you

You are surrounded
support on every side
We'll keep you grounded
in the God who sees us
through the years
and holds the tears we cry

Baby girl - no need to be afraid
we're in the hands that made you