1. My Friends

From the recording BOLD

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It seems like yesterday looking back in time
where have the years flown
it feels so good to say you are friends of mine
and I am not alone
and as we walked along opening closed doors
all the happiness I found
seemed to be seen all the more when you were around
I'd like to say thank you for those days

*Though it's in the past and we are moving on
what we have will always last
we have built it strong
and in the years to come the Lord will see us through
and until the day I die I'll remember you.

When frustration got me down you encouraged me
I hope I've done the same
we all know the power found in love given so free
we're built upon His name
and as we go through hard time the good Lord gives bright stars
to help us through the night
my friends that's just what you are