1. Strings

From the recording BOLD

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It's been happening gradually
you're needing less of me
seasons have turned and pushed you to grow
I may seem crazy to be holding desperately
making it last a while though I know
things will change and I will be
saying goodbye watching you go

*Please be patient with me
Sometimes I am fearful or bleeding
from cutting these strings
I'll try to let you fly
leave me in the dust if you must
but remember one thing
my love will always be there to
lift up your wings

It's only natural this constant push and pull
each of us fighting hard for our voice
I think I know best but we see things
so differently You just want freedom
to make your own choices
you'll never know how deep
my feelings go through your
struggles and joys *chorus

and you'll soar 'cause after all
what would wings be for
though this marvelous madness
has gone on for years
sweet independence is just about here

*Please be gentle with me
I need understanding while grieving
and time heal the pain
and I'll cry watching you fly
hoping that setting you free
brings you back once again
and love that has always been there
tightly connected to prayer
my love - will remain.