1. El Elyon/Bold

From the recording BOLD

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I'm amazed and blown away
that you can hear us see us lead us
all each moment of every day
you're El Elyon your eyes are always on
I believe you've got us all on your mind
each one whose hiding bleeding
searching needing you see us
at the same time
You're El Elyon your eyes are ever on
You saw that moment back in time
when one act of defiance stripped perfection from mankind
yet in your love you made a way
you boldly came to rescue and to save
now guilty live forgiven
rise to heaven secured by faith
There's a sure forever an eternal destination since the day you blasted through the gates of hell
Jesus may I never lose sight of the motivation loving every living soul enough to tell I'm focused in on the mission

*I will be prepared to share the many things you've done
anytime anywhere with anyone

Living every season with courageous dedication crazy thankful for the ways that you restore God a thousand reasons
for a constant conversation as I keep on
running through those open doors
fan my flame to shout Your name *chorus

You make me bold