"To Be Loved" a poem from June 1, 2020

My eyes locked with hers. 

Deep in the pool of emotion, I imagined I heard her heart cry 

"I just want to be loved" 

Saw his anger burst 

heightened by the weight of my ugly words    

If I could simply have remembered that he 

just wants to be loved. 

In the core of my being it settles. 

A constant ache to be accepted - to be heard - 

To know with certainty that 

my existence - my life - matters. 

Woven into the fabric of this frame 

and every fiber within it 

is the search for purpose. 

A burning desire to add my unique contributions to the world 

and for someone to accept and value them  - 

to value me. 

I suppose it's just another way to say 

I just want to be loved. 

At the end of the day 

who is willing to stay 

no matter what I've done 

             who I've been 

how I've failed to be the me I'm proud of... 

who is willing to love


**Shared on my virtual women's retreat "Lavish Love" summer 2020