"It's Time" spoken word - (for Writer's Conference @ Maranatha - 2016)

**  Written for the "It's Time" conference in 2016 

It's time 

It's time I found my voice - 

unique all me 

to speak freely 

for God gave me the choice 

to be my vocal self 

or store my words upon the shelf of silence 

It's time 

It's time I move ahead 

with heart with tongue 

spoken or sung 

some thoughts need to be said 

things that define the soul 

that soothe the broken in us whole 

I've got to take the chance 

to partner with Divine and pure rhythms, notes and rhyme 

so song or script or art is mine AND His - 

perfection shaping beauty from this mess - 

such loveliness - how we express.   

He made us to shine so I refuse to miss  this  time.