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There were eight of them
each with serious face
as they stood at the altar of that holy place
they answered the preacher
some boldly some shy
did they really mean it as a promise for life?
Now there's one of them
I see once in a while
she says 'life is too busy'
as she offers a smile
she's working double jobs
been struggling through
well I hope that her faith is a priority too
uh - hey - have you asked yourself today

Chorus: What about commitment
promises are broken
words that once were spoken
just don't matter anymore
what about commitment
it's not based on a feelin
or what suddenly aint real inside your heart
if you're thinking of letting go
be reminded not so long ago
you made a promise
before God you know

He was a steady guy
with a beautiful wife
and a father of four
yeah he seemed happy with life
eager to serve God with an obvious faith
but somethin somewhere went wrong
he started drifting away
now a year's gone by
it gets harder each day
and there's not much that's giving them
a reason to stay
but God gives the power and the faith
to trust and draw our strength
from the One who never gives up on us