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Penned this song after finishing my summer job as a camp counselor; one of the best years of my youth and I missed all the kids and our memories together.


Summer’s gone and not a trace
Of children’s face or cabin floors.
Summer’s gone and all of my
Night lullabies want flight once more.

* Can I let them fly?
Can I let them sing?
Can we keep the memories
of all the happy things?
And can we still laugh?
And can we still cry?
Can we still be friends
even when we say goodbye?

Summer’s gone and here I stay
So far away from all of you.
Summer’s gone. Oh can I find
Within my mind a memory or two?
Though I feel it’s over now.
I know that someday somehow
we will meet again.

Summer’s gone and so am I
But I’ll not cry not one more tear
We all know the Lord that holds us
In His hands is ever near. He’s ever near.
We can still be friends even though
I don't know - which way we'll fly.