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Lord it’s me again feeling so inadequate.
It seems the harder that I try the more discouraged I get.
All the things I said I was going to be,
I wanted more than all just to make You proud of me.

Lord it’s funny how I have such trouble letting go.
I carry all this weight around trying to keep it under control.
But soon it crumbles and the truth returns to view.
I see so clearly that I’m
nothing without You.

---- All that I am is not my own.
All that I need is You
And You alone. All that I’ll be is simply what You choose
To make in me. All of me,
it’s all for You.

Lord the doubt will come again, and it will catch me unaware.
Yet I’ll rest in Your promises, when I stumble You will be there.
Your perfection covers over all my sin.
I’m undeserving of the grace I’m living in.
Oh Lord with your blood You sacrificed and paid the price.
So all that I have, this life I live is not mine to give,
But comes from Your hand, I understand