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  1. Teach Me
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There are people all around me
living in despair,
Floating through their days
But never going anywhere.
The darkness wants to own them
And keep them from the light.
More than anything they need you Lord
To give them sight.
Every day I see them, tired and confused,
Though only You can reach them.
I'm yours to be used.

* Teach me, teach me,
How to follow the footsteps
that lead to eternity. Work through me.
Help me bring You
to a world in need.

Now I'm not any better
than anybody else.
And sometimes I forget
And keep your sweet love to myself.
But You have commanded
I go out and proclaim.
Your life and death and victory
Have freed us from our chains.
Time is passing by me
And the work is never through.
Give me strength and courage
As I do my best for you.
The wind and sea obeyed You
When you said to them "Be still."
Likewise I'm your instrument
play me as You will.