1. Be Still
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"Do not be afraid" said He
"You can always count on me.
When your eyes can't find the light
when you're swallowed by the night
I'm the guiding star you'll see."
"Though sometimes the storms may rave and try to drown you in their waves
the wind and sea obey my will;
when i speak they become still.

So when you've lost control;
give me the wheel, I'll take you
where you need to go.
I've marked the path for you
with footprints in the sod,
so be still; be still and
know that I am God.

If you lean upon My strength
We can make it any length.
I will catch you when you fall.
I’ll be with you through it all.

My child don’t you forget
I will see that every need you have
is met.
There is no earth or sea for you
My feet won’t trod.
So be still and know that I am God.

I know what’s best.
Come lean upon My breast.
And I will give you rest.
Please believe
that you can always count on Me.

My child, be still.”