Little white flakes - October 31, 2014

It's Halloween, 39 degrees here in Wisconsin, I'm tired, and we woke up to a way too early snow on the ground!  I sooo don't want to deal with kids in costumes asking for candy tonight in the freezing cold.  Sounds like an unpleasant inconvenience.

Funny thing my bible reading today happened to be on the hunger complaints of the children of Israel after their amazing rescue from Egypt, and God's provision of daily flakes of manna that covered the ground.  God heard their complaints.  He answered their prayers with flakes of food that filled their bellies - every day - for the whole forty years they were stuck in the desert.

What if I looked at today's snow flakes as a reminder of God's provisions for me every day of my whole life?  What if I chose to see them as a gift from a Father who listens to and hears all my complaints and requests?   I could even take it a step farther and view the pure white snow as cleansed forgiven sins...  Sounds better than whining and complaining.  Maybe I could even share a new perspective with a neighbor who stops to warm himself by the welcoming fire we could have in the driveway. Hmmm.... sounds like an amazing opportunity.  

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