Crazy Surprises From the Road

God is amazing and full of surprises!  I really shouldn't be surprised, but I still am.  

Who would think:
  - I'd run into church friends and neighbors right behind me in the luggage line, at my exact boarding gate, and sitting a row behind me on the plane to Orlando?
-  The young lady who checked me into my rental car actually did an internship where my daughter is interested in working, and would spend some time sharing her experience with me?
-  I would get to sing 'Bless the Lord' as I watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, and the Psalm I happened to open my bible to was about God's power over the waters and nature? 
-  The mom struggling with parenting a teenager would be @ church for the service where I shared my mother's prayer song? 
-  My rental car key would be lost in Cocoa, roadside service would leave the vehicle unattended in a parking lot for three days, and the Lord would place protection over it while I prayed (ok - and worried) from WI?
-  Michigan would welcome me with a white-out blizzard and cars in ditches all around us and I would arrive safely?
-  The music director would happen to have the exact spare guitar string I needed to replace my snapped E?
- Our waitress @ the restaurant today would ask for prayer after her uncle's recent death and we would circle up to pray out loud in the bar area?

and the lists goes on...

Two more concerts in Michigan, and I'm sure the Lord will keep surprising me with blessings of joy and trial.  How about starting your list of His surprises as you begin this week?  

My cup overflows!

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