"A power-less morning" - September 24, 2014

I was leading worship recently at a small church and using my own sound system.  Enter a little tech mis-hap.  The main power for my system was plugged in up front by the communion railing and someone bumped it out while kneeling at the rail!    The whole system shut down for about 8-10 seconds while I was in the middle of a song.  I had no mic, no piano and no backing music!  Still I kept singing acapella for the next few lines while contemplating a plan "B".   There were people taking communion at the time, and I later heard that one college guy had whispered to the person next to him something like 'Wow, she's dedicated. She just keeps singing anyway!'   
In the moments between the distribution of the body and blood, someone plugged the power cord back in.  When the system powered back up, I happened to be in the exact spot of the song, picking up the track and instruments seemlessly.  I couldn't stop smiling during the last chorus of that song...in fact, I am STILL smiling about it! 
I call it a total "God-moment"!   In those few moments, I was literally powerless to do anything!  But God handled it for me - while I continued praising Him!  Jesus is my power source in all things earthly and eternal. He is providing me with my daily needs, and powering me up in big and small ways.  Have you noticed Him?  Well then, share the story for His glory! 

"You see at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly"  Romans 5:6

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