Ash White Wednesday - March 1, 2017

These last weeks in February we had temps in the 50's and the birds were chirping from tree tops, singing songs of spring!  Then Ash Wednesday arrived.

We began the season of Lent, a six-week time of preparing for Easter.  All over the world, Christians go to church and place ashes on their foreheads (in the shape of a cross) as a symbol of repentance.  They are reminded of their sin and mortality, spending moments in sadness; darkness; Black.   And on that day,  March 1, the snow began falling - after all our spring-like hopefulness -  and the snow fell the entire day, blanketing the grass and clinging to the trees, making everything cold and wet, and light and bright!   Enter WHITE!  

"Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord.  "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."  

Could this snow we didn't want bring a different kind of hopefulness?  Could we view this Ash WHITE Wednesday as a beautiful tangible reminder of the washing of our sin-sick souls?  Could it be a sweet message from our loving Father, "Just sending a little reminder, dear daughter/son, that whiteness is yours because of Jesus."  

Today that frosty fluff glistens as the sun's rays add more brightness, and I see light - and I feel warmth.  Spring will be here soon.  It comes every year, thank the Lord. Until then, I can do the chirping (from ground level) singing songs of forever forgiveness.  ('Whiter than the Snow' song) 


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