Breakfast with a side of Bold - March 5, 2022

My stomach growled.  I scooped a helping of unnaturally yellow scrambled eggs onto my plate with a greasy sausage.  Countless continentals had cured my hunger in the past 25 years as a traveling worship leader.  Being 'on the road' warranted a good number of hotel stays and meals with strangers.   

All were similar, drawing the standard consumers;  the messy haired toddler squirming for the waffle timer to beep as her sleep deprived parent downs two cups of coffee;  the elderly couple in near  silence, smiling kindly, while munching fibrous jellied toast and fruit cups;  the young adult shuffling in stocking feet and sweats, snagging every pastry;  And, the overseer of this grand buffet: the hotel host, scurrying to re-stock the popular items, yet circling with an inner resolve to pounce on curfew at the stroke of 8:59 am.  

This late May experience, somewhere in Iowa, was different.   

A bright-eyed black haired man strolled around casually, making eye contact with guests.  It seemed clear to me that he was available, not just for food, but to chat with interested parties.  I smiled when our eyes met.   He approached me, and inquired how the meal was.  “Great, thanks.  How long have you been working here?”   

He beamed.  “Six months.”  I stated, “You’re just getting started.”  His response immediately intrigued me.  “Yes, I am, but it’s not my final destination.”    

I sensed a spirit prompt and a dialogue shift.   In a few short sentences,  Earle was sharing his recent struggle, challenge to heal from a broken marriage, and questions about God's plan and his future.  Listening fast, I encouraged, offered to pray for him, and was preparing to do so right then and there - 

          - until burnt toast pulled him away.      

A short time later, I was on the road talking with Jesus about Earle, covering miles and lifting requests.     

Sometimes it's not the right opportunity for a public prayer or a long discussion, but you and I can make the most of a moment.   

We will drop a seed.  

The Holy Spirit will cultivate it.  

The Son will shine light on it.   

The Gardner will make it grow.   

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow."  1 Corinthians 3:6-7  (NIV) 

Beauty will bloom.    

Just the way He's planned it.    

It's a grand adventure to play a tiny part in kingdom harvest.